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Beginners Spanish Lessons to Learn Spanish

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zona de español, Spanish academy offers A1.1 online Spanish courses at Zoom for adults.

In these A1.1 online courses you will start from zero, from the alphabet and the basic pronunciation for reading.

These beginners Spanish lessons features:

- Listening, reading, writing and speaking practice.

- Courses are designed according to the European Framework of Reference.

- Online lessons at Zoom. You can learn Spanish anywhere, anytime.

- Interactive lessons. You will learn a lot about the language by connecting with people, speaking with your classmates and making friends.

- Native-speaking experiencied Teachers.

- Friendly environment. You can feel free and comfortable for speak and practice Spanish.

Beginners Spanish Lessons

Some of the contents to be taught in the course are:

- The alphabet and basic pronunciation, rules for reading.

- Spealling.

- Greetings.

- Introduce yourself.

- How to communicate in a simple way at a classroom.

- Ask and give personal information.

- Plan and intentions related to leisure and free time.

- Introduce and describe people.

- Ask and talk about likes and dislikes.

- Talk about clothes.

- Talk about preferences.

And much more!

Check here for our available A1.1 courses

All of our courses will be taught in Madrid time (GMT/UTC +2). If there's no shedule that suits you, you may contact us at And keep an eye on our site, more courses will be coming!

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