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Online DELE exam preparation and other courses

Regular Spanish courses for adults

Spanish 30-hour online courses.

The recommended age to enter this courses is 18 years old.


Live classes at Zoom, at Madrid time: Central European Time (CET), UTC + 1.


All levels (A1-C2).


Teachers are native speakers, qualified and experienced.


If you are not sure of your level you may take our level test.

Courses for children and teenagers

Coming soon!

Spanish online class for teens and kids

Online DELE exam preparation courses services

We have two types of courses:

1. DELE exam preparation courses. In these courses we prepare for all

parts of the exam.

2. DELE conversation courses. Designed to practice just the oral part of the exam.




Experienced DELE exam examiners teachers.

15-hour online courses at Zoom.

 Madrid time: Central European Time (CET), UTC + 2.

All levels (A1-C2).

Other Spanish courses

Online courses to expand your knowledge or to review specific contents.

Spanish conversation lessons.

Spanish online courses for business.

For privated lessons and other services, contact Zona de Español at:

DELE preparation courses
Spanish online class for adults via Zoom
Conversational Spanish Classes, Spanish for business and companies

Download Zoom here: 

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