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Winter Intensive Courses A1.1 level

How are these intensive Spanish courses?

They are A1.1 initial level courses for adults in which you will learn Spanish from the beginning, from the alphabet and pronunciation to being able to form sentences to communicate easily.


As they are A1.1 beginner level courses, you do not need any previous knowledge of Spanish, just have the intention of learning Spanish.


The classes are taught in Spanish with graphic aids and, if you have any questions, you can ask them in English or Mandarin Chinese.


The classes are very communicative, focused on giving all students the opportunity to talk, play and have a good time while learning Spanish.


Where are these Spanish courses?

They are completely online courses in a classroom on Zoom. Because it is a Zoom class, you will feel like you are in a face-to-face class and you can learn comfortably from home.


Dates and hours

In this promotion, we offer you 30-hour intensive online courses, distributed in classes every day, from Monday to Friday at different times:


  • Intensive A1.1 046: from 10:00 to 12:00

  • Intensive A1.1 053: from 12:00 to 14:00

  • Intensive A1.1 048: from 16:00 to 18:00

  • Intensive A1.1 054: from 18:00 to 20:00

All courses are according to Madrid time (UTC +1).


The courses start on Wednesday, 21 December 2022 and end on Wednesday, 11 January 2023.


After enrolling you will receive an email with the link to your virtual class and more information.



The original price of this course is 360 euros, but we are offering a special Christmas discount.

In our social networks you will find a discount coupon of 40 euros, therefore, if you use this coupon you only need to pay 320 euros.

Get your discount coupon:

The limit is 6 students per course, so if you are interested you should book your course as soon as possible. Do not lose this opportunity.

If you have questions, do not know how to book your course or prefer to use another payment method, feel free to contact us.

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